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Dear Lina
Thank you very much for Managing my Home Care Therapeutic Treatment. You were most Attentive, Considerate and Supportive to some my Impossible requests.
Your Professional Management of this Process including your Humanitarian attention Contributed substantially to my gradual recovery.
Afaf Kaidbey
To whom it may Concern,
I would like to thank you all for the excellent help you have sendered me during my Illness,
I would also like to say a few words about my Nurse Mariam Chami, She has been wonderful to me, She Cares, She's Alerts on the go at all time, she is affectionate, Kind + Lovable, I'm going to Miss her
Again any gratitude to Home Health Care Keep up the good work Lina + God Bless
Grace Khawle
The service is good, The appointments are accurate. The quality of items used is not good. Some of the nurses do not know how to apply the dressing so it will slip down again. They need more training regarding dressing application.
Fathi El-Ali
Mrs. Najem has been very good with my daughter, she is a good baby sitter. Thank you.
Nadine Mokbel
I would like to Express to your good self, As well as to Mrs. Taghrid, My Thanks for the Cooperation you Extended to me during the Period From 2 Sep 2008 To 12 Oct 2008, Where I was under Tienam 500-IVD. Also Congratulation for the Selection of your Staff whom I met (Bassam, Yassine, Ahmad & Souraya) All of them have Accomplished their Job Perfectly and they were friendly.
I am Confident that you will Continue with Same Professionalism and wish you all the best.
Samir Soueid
Beirut January 7, 2010
Dear Madam,
Please accept my congratulations to you for establishing ''Home Health Care'' which is of great value to needy patients and their families.
Let me also express my appreciation and sincere thanks for your assistance in taking care of my wife Wadad Thaddeus for the past several weeks.
I am grateful to all the ladies who took good care of my wife for many days and nights in the past weeks.
They have all been kind, devoted and amicable. However I must express my special thanks and appreciate to the following two:
  • Ms. Nelly Habib whose efficient able and devoted service is highly commendable, please express to her my heartfelt thanks and gratitude.
  • Ms. Faten Nejm who is spite of her personal problems has been most kind to provide tender care to my wife.
With thanks and best wishes for the continued success and prosperity of your home care service.
Jacob Thaddeus, MD
The service is excellent, I'm praying for you. I would like to thank you a lot. However, the Urine bag is very bad in quality, the one used at AUH is much better. I Prefer to Change the Cath every week, Rather than every 10 days. You are very kind and helpful, Thank you a lot.
Taghrid Kishly
The Service is excellent. This office is saving me going out from place to place. The nurses are coming on time and working in an excellent way. However, one time Rana Yammout did not cover the wound properly so the dressing slipped down, she never come again. They abide by the time and once Ms. Lina Abdel Nour came my herself when nobody would come at 10.00A.M.
Mr. Mahmoud Reda
The Service is good. I was upset when a nurse came with Marlene and pricked me twice, She's learning on me. Yassine is tightening my dressing a lot (Twice). I asked the office not to send Yassine to me anymore and they promised but they sent him again. Marlene took the thermometer with her accidentally. Also the nurses should notice that IV is outdated because I had to tell Yassine to Change my IV rather than waiting for me to tell him after the site leaked.
Louis Koyomji
The Service is excellent. He said ''I want to write a letter to thank the excellent service offered by Home Health Care and the excellent Care provided''.
Mr. Hasan Younes
The patient said ''Fadia Abi Rashed was very impolite and aggressive, Zakaria Obeid Couldn't insert the IV'', She was very upset because Bassel wrote ''Alcoholic'' on the Chart. She commended Hanadi for being a good listener and knowledgeable and skillful. Most of the nurses are kind and the service is good, however, only experts in IV insertion should be sent to patient.
Najah Younes
Excellent and beneficial service. The nurses are very nice and humane, the daughter of the patient suggested offering a special price for people who cannot afford.
Ms. Fariha Zein
The service is excellent. However two incidents bothered me from Rana Yammout big hematoma upon blood with drawal and unsuccessful IV insertion, Bassel doesn't like to visit me. All are good and nice.
Ms. Jeanette Abu Jawdeh
The Service is excellent. All the nurses are excellent. Hanadi was very special in her strict time, Smiling face, and caring attitude. The incident during one night impressed us when we called that the IV is not running and you directly came and showed excellent skill. We thank this office a lot and me appreciate the extraordinary care provided as well as strict schedule.
Moh'd Hajj
It is better to have same person to change the dressing in order to observe the wound and know the progress. The service is excellent.
Ramez Afifi
The Service is excellent. The treatment was very special and everything provided adequately & accurately. The nurses are very punctual and skillful. I would like to thank this office as well as the insurance Company. Hanadi was very patient and spent more than 2 hours to find a vein for IV because mine are very difficulty but she is a super star in IV insertion. Zakaria was also nice and cute.
Nawal Arayssi
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